Partenope: Quel volto mi piace (Rosmira)


Composer: Handel, George Frideric
Voice Type(s): Mezzosoprano, Alto
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Aria of Rosmira from Handel’s Partenope, HWV 27. Comes in written key, and transposed baroque pitch (415, down a half step).


Libretto (Italian)

Oh Dio! Par che dal petto
Il cor si parta, e segua
L’Orme d’Arsace, e pure
La tradita mia fede,
Di vendicarsi vaga
Della sua fedeltà non è ancor paga.

Quel volto mi piace
Ma temo qual core,
Quel core infedele
Che un dì m’ingannò.

Io sento che amore
Mi parla di pace,
Ma sdegno crudele,
Placarsi non può.

Translation (English, poetic)

Oh heavens! methinks I feel my struggling heart
Start from my bosom to attend to Arsace’s;
And yet my constancy, that he betray’d,
Pleas’d with the vengeance of its wrongs, remains
yet unassured of his fidelity.

His lovely face my fancy charms,
But, ah! his heart my fear alarms;
His fickle, faithless heart I fear,
That one day fooled my soul so dear.

I feel my love, that ne’er can cease,
Importunately plead for peace;
But then disdain and glowing rage
‘Tis not so easy to assuage.