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About Us

Our adventure in typesetting and score creation began with Handel Reductions in January of 2016 by tenor Christopher Sokolowski, a lover of the Baroque era, the repertoire of George Frideric Handel in particular. While we have already worked on the music for 50+ composers, with Ossia Editions, we now officially open our musical borders.

“There is a vast repertoire of exquisite music that remains largely unapproachable by vocalists, and thus inaccessible to audiences due to its unavailability in a reduced-score format. It was Handel’s vocal works composed in Italy during the very early 18th century, such as Il trionfo del tempo and his many secular cantatas, that urged me to help fill this void in the music publishing world. The ‘greatest hits’ of Handel are certainly masterpieces for just reasons, but to neglect the rest of his output, which is just as magnificent, is unfortunate for musicians and music lovers alike.”

With Ossia Editions, the mission above remains the same: to make the repertoire that is inaccessible or non-existent available for the first time by creating instrumental parts or vocal scores; to adjust scores to make them fit each instrument, voice, and artist; and to help bring new music alive through means of modern digital typesetting. Our services don’t end there, though—reach out to us with any ideas you want to throw at us.

To learn more about Christopher, please visit his website, www.christophersokolowski.com